Favorite Summer Beauty Trends | This season’s best body, skin and makeup products

We are at peak summer, guys, so I’m very excited to talk about the best products for the season. Let’s start by talking about body care (lotion, serum and self tanner), and then let’s talk about facial products and finally, a little make up to top it off! All the links are below, and leave a comment below with YOUR favorite beauty products!

Daily Glow by Sunshine Botanicals // http://bit.ly/2vJDalf

Red Algae Body Serum by Sunshine Botanicals // http://bit.ly/2uZMELk

Black Coconut Bath & Body Oil by Kuumba Made // http://bit.ly/2v8BnsP

Rose Coconut Oil by Kuumba Made // http://bit.ly/2w0X1vN

Mermaid Mask by Leahlani Skincare // http://bit.ly/2uYlMvz

Self Tan Dry Oil SPF 50 With Marula by Vita Liberata // http://bit.ly/2uY7Em0

Body Blur by Vita Liberata // http://bit.ly/2v8ActA

Total Eclipse BB Cream by Sunshine Botanicals // http://bit.ly/2v09i6d

Aloe Herb Cleanser by Annmarie Gianni // http://bit.ly/2tE0AXS

Organic Omega Booster Serum by Sonya Dakar // http://bit.ly/2h3W2IG

Overnight Watermelon Mask by Pura // http://bit.ly/2uCUyrM

Makeup Brushes by Artis // https://www.artisbrush.com/

Artist Multi-Use Palette by Vapour Organic Beauty // http://bit.ly/2tZTFaT

Lip Liq by Elevé // http://bit.ly/2tDYE1q

Pure Gloss by Jane Iredale // http://bit.ly/2tKrtO3

Eye Shadow by Ritual de Fille // https://ritueldefille.com/

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