What to be the largest guy around ;)? Try this great new product, that will have you as big as a pringles can:

Incredibly talented artist from part one- whoever he is, back at it again. Not much info on what this is. The subjects are four Women who couldn’t hit the broadside of a f-ing barn with a paintball gun; as far as I can see, none of them got hit in all the shooting. Perhaps that’s best since the artists work held up pretty well and it all still looks beautiful after their adventure!

About my use of YouTube: As most of my friends know, I have a neurological condition that causes something called Anterograde Amnesia. I don’t have the ability to form new long term memories. I remember the past “before the event” with fair accuracy. After the event, I don’t remember things unless I write them down, make videos, photos, or record myself in some manner. I use technology to augment my brain. These videos, from Creative Commons, that I am uploading are to remind ME of who I am. The channel could also serve to tell other observers who I am and what’s important to me; my likes especially regarding art, fashion, music, and anything else quirky that I post here. This channel is not primarily for the entertainment of others. If anyone finds it to be entertaining that’s wonderful, but it’s purely coincidental.