Amazing Tricks To Help You Get Smooth And Perfect Feet!


Amazing Tricks To Help You Get Smooth And Perfect Feet!

The years of wearing inadequate or narrow footwear can result in formation of nodules and calluses that in some cases can be pretty painful. Have a look at the following methods which will show you how you can treat this issue.
After hours of wearing shoes, your feet can sometimes get calluses. This can be pretty unpleasant experience, and it often causes pain. Calluses are a natural shield made by the skin. The callus is formed on the foot area that has been exposed to the greatest amount of pressure. This skin thickening represents a system of protection from further skin damage.

However, calluses can represent a huge problem. Calluses that become inflamed can represent a real issue. They are bigger and more convex, which suggests that they cause a greater pain when touched by your shoes when you walk.

Find the remedy in your home!

A lot of ingredients that everyone has in their home can be used for the elimination of this problem.

Take a piece of bread, soak it into some white vinegar, and apply the bread onto the callus and wrap a bandage around it. Leave it overnight so that it has enough time to work. Repeat the process few days later, and you will be amazed by the results you are getting.

Apple cider vinegar
Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to a container of warm water and soak your feet in the solution. All nodules on your feet are going to soften to the level that you will be able to remove them using pumice stone.

Rub gently
Whenever you use pumice stone for your heels, rub your feet really gently, because if you do it aggressively, you will just make the situation worse.

Castor oil
When you soak your feet in a mix of water and vinegar, you can apply some castor oil onto the blemishes. Do this every day for at least 10 days.

Apply vitamin A or vitamin E directly onto the skin
Take a vitamin tablet, crack it, and apply the tablet content straight onto your skin. This is a process you should do every night before going to bed.

Onion during the night
Soak an onion slice into some white vinegar and place it onto your foot, put a sock on and leave it overnight. The onion will work wonders for your feet.

Lemon peel
Take a lemon peel and apply it onto the nodule, wrap a bandage around and leave it overnight. This process is supposed to be repeated until the nodule disappears completely.

Take a few aspirins, powder them, and add some water and apple cider vinegar so that you make a paste. Use the paste onto the damaged skin parts and wrap a bandage around them.

Happy feet!
After the application of the above-mentioned recipes, your feet will become renewed, healthy, and pretty enough so that you are not embarrassed to walk barefoot or use open shoes.

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