My Favorite Makeup Brushes for Eyeshadow!



Hey fam! Welcome to today’s video where will I be sharing with you guys my favorite makeup brushes for eyeshadow! Simply talking about my favorite brushes was a boring concept in my opinion (LOL!) so I decided to create an eye look using ALL of my favorite brushes and showing you why I like each specific brush and how each brush performs for my specific purpose for it. Hope you enjoy! ♡


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⇀ Morphe G34 (lid base blend)
⇀ Morphe M208 (brow bone powder set)
⇀ Morphe E27 (transition)
⇀ Morphe M518 (crease)
⇀ Morphe R41 (precise crease)
⇀ Morphe G17 (shadow blend)
⇀ Morphe E19 (cut crease + lid)
⇀ Morphe M508 (cut crease)
⇀ Tarte liner brush (winged liner)
⇀ Morphe M432 (lower lashline)
⇀ Morphe M167 (lower lashline blend)
⇀ Luxie Beauty 231 (lower lashline blend)
⇀ Sigma E30 (inner corner highlight)


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