China hotel cleaners caught washing towels in toilets, cleaning cups with toilet brushes



Three well-known hotels in northeastern China have failed basic hygiene checks after cleaning staff were filmed using the same brush to clean lavatories, wash basins and even crockery, state media has reported.

The municipal watchdog for hygiene, tourism, food and drug safety in Harbin in Heilongjiang province confirmed that investigators had concluded footage released by Pear Video on Tuesday was genuine and the hotels had been warned to ensure it did not happen again.

Beijing Youth Daily said cleaners at three of the city’s hotels – one Sheraton, one Shangri-La and one Kempinski – had been filmed violating the standard hotel cleaning process for guest rooms.

Cleaners at the Shangri-La and Kempinski were videotaped cleaning the rooms’ cups with a toilet brush. They also washed the towels in the toilets before using them to clean the floor.

A cleaner at the Sheraton was taped using the same brush to clean the water basin and the toilet.

Cleaners in all three hotels had been complaining about their heavy workload, the report said.

The video was taken with a hidden camera by a Pear Video reporter who was working at the hotels as an intern.