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DIY EASY MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANER 😱 WASH YOUR BRUSHES AND AVOID ACNE 😱👌🏻✨ TAG your BESTIES 👯All I used: 🔸A Plastic Board (any waterproof surface also can)
🔸Hot glue gun
🔸Glue sticks 🔸antibacterial soap

I noticed a couple months ago, I was getting acne only on certain areas of my face (as my cheeks) and tiny forget bumps, and I had a pretty good skin care and a good diet, i couldn’t find the reason but then I thought maybe would be my make up brushes i decided to start washing them more often, after I read how dirty brushes can break out your skin really bad, because of all the bacteria living in it, as I’m lazy I found a couple DIY online that I wanted to share with you, because it is really important to keep them clean😉

I do this once a week now, and I see how my skin got much better.

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