Uncategorized Fractal Guide



Welcome to the guide for the Uncategorized Fractal by Immortal Kingdom [KING].



✖ Warrior Builds
Berserker Phalanx: http://bit.ly/1rPuhnC
Alternate (if the party has two warriors): http://bit.ly/1QPhDsW

★ Guardian Builds
Highest Damage: http://bit.ly/1SYmJdZ
Builds without the zeal traitline (to avoid extra retalation on high levels):
1. http://bit.ly/1SYmMq8 (If you dont need to use your virtues)
2. http://bit.ly/1rsvCAw (If you do need your virtues)

✖ Mesmer Builds
Chronomancer Boon Duration Build: http://tinyurl.com/DurationChrono
Chronomancer Berserker Build: http://tinyurl.com/ZerkChrono
Chronomancer Reflection Build: http://tinyurl.com/AssassinChrono
Chronomancer Uncategorized Skips: http://tinyurl.com/UncategorizedPortals

★ Revenant Builds
Scholar Build: http://bit.ly/1THc84e
Strength Build: http://bit.ly/24kLc2C
(General note: be flexible with the use of your legends.)

✖ Ranger Builds
Power Druid: http://bit.ly/1rsvtwX
Condition Druid: http://bit.ly/1Y4aURN

★Elementalist Builds
Tempest Dagger/Warhorn: http://bit.ly/21rCWJ4
Tempest Staff: http://bit.ly/1ThLwDT

✖ Thief Builds
Daredevil: http://bit.ly/1ThKpUF
Stealth Build (for skips and/or puzzles): http://bit.ly/23kyj2K

★ Engineer Builds
Condition Engineer: http://bit.ly/26N79Gk
Power Scrapper: http://bit.ly/1pXs1sG

✖ Necromancer Builds
Viper/Sinister mix: http://bit.ly/1Z5dhE3

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