Why Nail Fungus Treatments Don’t Work



Ever wonder why the topical nail fungus treatments you’ve tried don’t work? There are many treatments on the market, and despite their claims, your nails are still infected. Here’s why: Most nail fungus treatments were developed for use on skin, not nail. Nail fungus treatments require a different approach. They need: 1) Solubility. To penetrate the nail, the medication must dissolve in water (why nails become soft in warm water but not in fingernail polish remover. 2) Energy. To penetrate the nail, the medication needs more energy than for skin. 3) Nail Thickness. Nails become thicker the longer they’re infected. A cleaner is necessary to reduce thickness. 4) Modes of Action. The treatment must have multiple modes of action to prevent the infection from developing resistance. 5) Electrostatic Repulsion. The medication must reduce the electrostatic repulsion between the medication and the nail that allows the medication to enter the nail. ToeMate Nail Fungus Treatment was specifically developed to treat nail infections. Visit our web site at https://thetoematestore.com