10 Makeup Items That Went From Cringe To Cool

Makeup trends from the past that are cool again!
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The beauty community is always full of exciting new trends that makeup lovers can’t wait to try out. Throughout the years, we’ve seen many of these trends come and go. Some of them we were sad to say goodbye to, while others made us cringe whenever we would even think about them. But many of the makeup items and products that were once considered to be uncool have made their way back into our hearts. We don’t know how they managed to win us over, but we’re sure glad they did. From blue eyeshadow to black lipstick and body glitter, we’re about to show you the beauty items that went from cringe to cool.

Frosted lipstick was huge in the 90s, but when the year 2000 rolled around, the pink and frosty shade took a backseat to subtle nudes. We never thought we’d see the day when frosted lips made their return into the beauty community, but they’re finally here! Another trend we used to despise that we now love is colored mascara. This product was huge in the ‘80s, and now, it has made its way back onto fashion runways.

Cara Delevingne made us all love our huge, bushy brows; but guess who’s back to reclaim its throne? Skinny brows, of course! The pencil thin look was once frowned upon, but its back and better than ever. We’ll show you even more makeup items that were very cringe-worthy but are now cooler than ever, including draped blush, face decals, pastel eye shadow, and hot pink lips. Make sure to watch our video and let us know which of these makeup items you’re happy to see return to the beauty world.

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