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What do you get if you mix DIY Slime with crazy nail or beauty hacks? This gel which turns ANY manicure into peel off polish!! No base-coat, top coat or any special treatment required. I really wanted to come up with some useful life hacks / nail hacks / beauty hacks using a DIY slime recipe as the basis. I was originally hoping to wipe off the nail polish along with the gel, but I realised that after leaving it to work for 10mins, the gel simply softens the polish to the point where you can just peel it off. Which is actually a lot more fun :D!!

Obviously, this nail art hack doesn’t work with UV gel or acrylic nails. Only use it on bottled polish, don’t leave it for over 15mins. If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to keep a close eye on it and remove it if you feel it’s irritating your nails/cuticles (I didn’t have any problems with it myself). I’m quite pleased with how this turned out and hope to try out more nail art hacks or beauty hacks using slime as the basis!

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DIY Crystal Slime:
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By coincidence, another Youtuber (DIYWithAge) made a very similar video before me so check this out if you’re curious to see how the slime looks when made with white glue and borax!

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Hope you liked this DIY slime with DIY nail art hack video! Please let me know below if you want to see more crazy nail hacks, weird beauty hacks or life hacks using slime. I hope that this is a good compromise for those people who don’t really enjoy slime DIYs since this one is technically a useful nail hack ;).