what's up I'm Elsa Rey and I'm going toshow you today how to do this paintedbody paint tutorial I've seen thiseverywhere but I wanted to try it Inever had before and I came to find thatit was actually really easy so I'm goingto show you how to do itI start with my darkest color a royalblue and apply that to any areas of myface and body that I would normallycontour any low points of my body Ithink I'm using a three-quarter inchbrush this whole time and I'm creatingsome very deliberate paint strokes I'mthen taking a little bit lighter blueand applying that on top of all of thedark blue that I just did I'm not goingquite on to the high points of my faceI am just going right above any of thecontour areas I then decided this wouldbe a good time to add some smokeyeyeliner I'm then taking some white facepaint and I'm applying that to the highpoints of my faceI still had a lot of really bear skin soI took a yellow because it goes nicenext to blue and I applied that to therest of the high points on my face withblack face paint I am adding some boldlines I'm doing it in kind of a pop artcartoon looking style because I thoughtthat looked cool and I do that all overmy face and on my bodyI over draw my lips with the lighterblue color and then I do an ombre kindof thing with the darker blue on theouter edges of my lips I highlight withwhiteand start doing the exact same processall over my bodyand that is the finished look I hope youliked this tutorial make sure you arefollowing me on my other social mediaaccounts I do a lot of projects outsideof YouTube you can see behind the scenesand some sneak peeks of a lot of mylooks subscribe to my YouTube channeltoo and I'll see you in my next videobye