Nail Polish Collection | Top Coats/Treatments/Tools + Collection STATS

Hey guys! ugh…we finally made it through! This is the last part of my nail polish collection – so this is my nail polish top coats and nail treatments, as well as a couple tools – make sure to catch my collection stats at the end – let me know how many polishes you have!! I’m so curious!! – I think I have PLENTY of polishes – so I am pretty satisfied with my collection as of right now – I am super blessed ♥ in case you missed the other parts of my collection, they will be linked below. Hope you enjoy this video and I’ll see you again soon – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Nail Polish Declutter


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Nail Polish Collection – PART ONE

Nail Polish Collection – PART TWO

Nail Polish Collection – PART THREE

Crystal Nail File

Where I get my nail tools for
Nail Tools

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