3 Ways to Treat White Toenail Fungus on a Budget

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How to treat white toenail fungus. What causes white toenail fungus.

One of the most popular white toenail fungus home remedies includes soaking the infected finger in a special solution that would kill the discoloration causing white spots on toenails fungus. White toenail fungus treatment vinegar. The white fungus under toenail might also cause disfiguration and thickening and both of these signs are also treated with the white toenail fungus cure. The liquid white toenail fungus treatment solutions that are quite popular for treating toenail fungus white lines include hydrogen peroxide, bleaching powder, and diluted vinegar. It is important to check the concentration of the required chemicals in the compounds because going for overly concentrated products might bring in some harmful chemical effects. The soaking of the feet has to be continued till the infection is taken care of completely and it might take several weeks or even several months. If a user wishes for quick results, then the affected fingernail can be thinned as this ensures that the white toenail fungus natural treatment is more absorbed by the nail.

How to cure white toenail fungus. White toenail fungus nail polish.

Another home remedy solution – white toenail fungus tea tree oil. This special oil is taken from the leaves and stem of Australian tea tree. These oils are known around the world for their special antifungal characteristics and are an important part of white island toenail fungus treatment. The oil should be applied directly over the finger that is infected with toenail fungus white under the nail. Tea tree oil is known for penetrating the fingernail and banishing the white cloudy toenail fungus thereby ensuring that the condition is cured. The oil can be bought in a blended form where it is mixed with other ingredients and it can also be bought in pure form. White toenail fungus Vicks.

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Other effective white chalky toenail fungus home remedies include going for saprox or antifungal mud. This special mud is obtained specifically from the Czech Republic and its application is similar to the use of tea tree oil. The user just has to apply the mud on the infected region or the toe and it would take care of the white toe skin fungus. Moreover, the mud’s effects could be enhanced by mixing them with solutions that include bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide.

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Although the aforementioned preclusive and white toenail fungus over counter treatment would ensure that the best treatment for white toenail fungus is taken care of completely, it is important to make sure that a doctor is consulted as starting the white toe fungus treatment late can cause a number of problems in the future. If the treatment is left for late or is not showing effect then the toenail fungus white patches have increased and showing it to a specialist becomes crucial at that point of time.