Rose Quartz/Shattered Glass Acrylic Nail Art



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If you actually read what’s here comment “corn pudding.”

Will MAKE the most subtle design edgy. Not will be. 🤦🏽‍♀️
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Use MEAUX10 for 10% off all items on

Products used in this video:

The Monomer – 4oz * Now Cotton Candy Scented ~!

Tones Products:
Cover Pink-
Max White-
#11 from Angel Wings Collection-

Glitter Planet UK:
Laser Lights-

Beauty Big Bang:
Colorful Mirror Effects Foil (SKUJ1479)
24Pcs Nail Foils Starry Sky Glass Paper Nail Stickers

Madam Glam:
No Wipe Gel Top Coat-

Melody Susie:
LED Gel Lamp-

Alpha Brush:
Size 9 Oval Brush-

Beauty Secrets- 100/100 Grit hand file

Simply Pure Hydrating Nail Oil


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