NEW Kett Fixx Powder Foundations | Interview & Demo on Light, Medium & Deep Skin Tones



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Time Stamps

Skin types 0:46

Coverage 1:24

Undertones 2:22

Product layering 3:21

Cruelty Free/Vegan 5:31

Product offerings 5:40

Color Comparison Chart 6:39
*Compared to similar mediums

Shade selection when layering with water based products 9:46

Launch/Where to find 10:25

Cost 11:07

Demos 12:56

Light 12:56

Deep 14:07

Medium 15:21

Medium-Deep 16:25

Products Shown

Kett Fixx Powders
Kett Fixx Pro Powder Books
ESUM Pro Finishing Sponge

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