hello this is a body paint tutorial somepeople have sensitive skinplease check the paint on a small areaof skin so making sure there's noallergic reaction do you remember doinghandprints at school body printing isjust like that that we paint a littlebit more than hands hands feet nipplesbums vaginas with body printing you cancreate marvelous art you can print intoa wide range of surfaces but paper andcanvas are probably the best to start soget undressed or you'll get paint allover your clothes you will need some oilor cream as a barrier against the skinif you are doing a breast paint it isbest to cover the nipples while youapply the paint then remove the coversand dot the nipples with a fingertip ofpaint body heat drives paint so whateveryou choose to print it's best to workquicklyso get printingafter printing it is probably a goodidea to wash the paint off quickly jumpin the shower or bath or use wet worksyour body is beautiful so take some timeto appreciate the prints that you'vemade[Music][Music][Music]