Ear Attention πŸ’› Art Sponges and Mascara Brushes πŸ’› Binaural HD ASMR


2:14 – whispered intro + show&tell about chokers
3:27 – synthetic cushion on ears
6:39 – art sponges variety: on ears with oil; scratching and squishing sponges, tapping on wooden handles, and more.
17:51 – oil ear massage + scratching ears
21:31 – silicone mascara brushes on your ears

The chokers featured were kindly sent to me by Happiness Boutique: https://goo.gl/UCe1ij
In case you’re interested, the chokers are these: https://goo.gl/Ke9AsR
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Enjoy with headphones and pick an HD option for the full experience.

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