ASMR Windguard Scratching for Relaxation (Hands, Mascara Wands, Brushes, Feather Pick, +)



Hello everyone! 🐻

So many of you asked for a windguard touching/scratching video and I love making these, so here you go! I added a few different types of scratching sounds–the time stamps with items used are listed below! I hope you enjoy the sounds!

/* Time Stamps */

00:00 Touching with fingers

07:54 Nails

15:11 Fuzzy wristwarmers

20:43 Mascara wands

29:01 Makeup brush decorated in rhinestones 🙂

34:40 Feather pick

39:45 Tiny nail art brushes

44:36 Metal nail art tools

love ya ​(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・✧゚・: *

audio download:

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