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eyeliner tips

1. use a makeup remover so that your eyelids are oil free to make sure of a smudge proof application with the eyeliner.

2. make sure you apply the eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible so that it appears to be a part of your natural lashline.

3.as you age you might be unwilling to use an eyeliner you dont have to stop using the eyeliner rather choose more lighter colors such as brown and grey and apply lots of mascara to complement the look.

mascara tips

1. start applying the mascara from the roots of your lashes and not the tips this technigue gives you enough thickness and doesnt weigh down your eyelashes.

2. to make your mascara last longer avoid pumping the wand while pulling out the mascara instead use circular motion. this also doesnt dry out the mascara

3. while applying the mascara on the lower lashes place a tissue paper right under your lashes to prevent smudging your makeup.

eyeshadow tips

1. use blotting paper to remove the excess eyeshadow without disturbing eyeliner.

2. highlight the inner corner of the eyes by using a lighter color of eyeshadow on the eyes as this makes the eyes look brighter.

3. invest in good quality brushes they last for years and ensure better blending.