✅ How To Use Darkness Eyelash Glue Review

How To Use Darkness Eyelash Glue Review

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About the product:

Darkness Eyelash Glue

New darkness false eyelash and double eyelid glue in black
False eyelashes glue in black color
Many how-to videos are available with keyword “how to use double eyelid glue”
Printed date on the item is “manufactured date” not expiration

For false eyelash application: 1. Lay adhesive on the eyelash (skin) equally. 2. After 20 to 30 seconds, put the false eyelash on eyelash. Make sure black glue dries a bit before application. For double eyelid effect. 3. Lay adhesive 2 – 3mm around double lid area. 4. Wait 20 to 30 seconds until the glue dries then press gently to make desired double eyelid shape. 5. Clean off with cleansing tissue or wash-off anytime.

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