guess who's back hi guysdid you really think I was gonna letthem do a season without mehello guys it's me Nikki hello welcometo a brand new episode of makeup likethis for this season of makeup like thiswe decided to take it down a differentroad a little bit and show less of mebut if you really think they could getrid of me that easily you're wrong buttoday in this episode of makeup likethis we're gonna find out if you'renaughty or nice during the holidaysbecause on this maybelline channel i'llbe creating a nice holiday makeup lookand over on my channel of course I'll bedoing the naughty look I put on my mostAngelica dress that is in my closet Istraighten my hair and I am ready forthe paint so if you want to see how tocreate a nice holiday makeup look thenkeep on watching first give it all inwith foundation and today I'm using thisbad boy right here this is called dreamradiant liquid which is a hydratingfoundation this contains hyaluronic acidand collagen 's important thisfoundation right here gives up to 12hours of continuous hydration it visiblyimproves the look of skin it has amedium coverage with a radiant finishand a dozen clogged pores it is alsodermatologist tested and since we'redoing a nice holiday look I thoughtlet's do medium coverage and then overon my side the naughty side let's dofull alright so I picked it up on asponge and I'm just tapping it into theskin[Music]for concealer today I'm going in withthis baby here the super safe fullcoverage under-eye concealer[Music]using the fit me loose finishing powderin Oh fie fair I'm gonna set my undereyes and the rest of my face and I liketo pick up just a little bit and startunder my eye they'll look up so I get itin every single crease in there and thenI move down and sort of that like cracknext to your nose and really set that toand then whatever is left is going on mysmile lines because like this area isthe area that like increases the mostfor me so I feel like as soon as I blendin my concealer and set it this way itlooks fantastic for the rest of the daylike you said it and you forget it forthe rest of the face I simply just takea powder puff and pick up that powderand really Pat it on to the skin and geteverything as set and matte as possibleand this will make sure that that basedis looking perfect until aunt Lydiafinally decides to go home from dinnerif you're sleeping on this product righthere I'm telling you wake up wake upbaby this right here is the Maybellinebrow ultra slim pencil this eyebrowpencil this eyebrow pencil quality-wiseis up there you know it's competing withthe high-end brands it is so rich inpigment it goes on so smooth it is myfavorite eyebrow pencil as of right nowlike it compares to some of my high-endfavorites and the price is amazing sooff-cameragonna be a little bit naughty here I'mgonna be filling in my brows using thecolor blonde and then also we havesomething new and setting the hairs inplace using the new brow fast gulpedalso in the color blonde and this is agel brow mascara it looks like this soI'm gonna be doing my brows off-camerafor a little bit I'm sorry for beingnaughty and I'll be right back all rightso I'm primed and ready for eyeshadowand today I'm dipping into this oh mygod this is so excitingthis is the nudes of New York palettejust just take it in just take it in aneutral dream a nude illusion and thefirst color are going to be going inwith is this one right here it is calledvoyage a Voyager the voyage AJ and Iknow even a little bit darker for a nicelook but this could be nice steppinginto naughty okay and I start bystamping it onto the outer corner of myeyeand then before we move on to the nextcolor you want to make sure that theedges of this are nicely faded out sousing soft pressure on my brush I amusing circular motions to quietly takethat out the next shade is the one rightabove it called protector and that thisis a topi purpley dream so I'm pickingup that color and right above Voyage a Idon't know I pronounce thatI'm just gonna kind of scratch it aboveit to create a transition and I'll bedoing this all around that first colorso here here and on the lid to[Music]now I definitely want some definition onthe inner portion of my eye too but Idon't want it to be as dark so I'mmixing protector with this shade hereand that shade is called founder soprotector and founder are gonna be ateam now and I'm just gonna stamp thatmore towards the inner portion of my eyeof course connecting it to the outercorner but definitely building thatdepth and if you're new to me and mymakeup techniques I love putting shadowlike right at the front of the brow andthen blowing it out and what this willdo is optically make the nose looksmaller and because I have hooded eyesit creates more depth for me all rightmoving on to the lid and for the lid I'musing the shade right here calleddreamer and for some extra gloworiginator on the inner cornernow you could absolutely stop right herea pile ash and do the rest of yourmakeup and call it a day but because Iam nikkietutorials and I love thatexterna s– I am gonna smoke out thatlower lashline because I love a goodsmoky lower lash during the holidays I'mapplying boyo Jay as one of the last andfinal steps to really open up the eyeand to create that wide-eyed effect I amgoing in with a nude eye pencil this isthe master drama light liner in thecolor matte light beige next it is timeto finish up the look and off-cameraI'll be applying a lick of mascara thisis the falsies lash lift and thenapplying a little bit of a actualfalsely on top of that for some extraglam and I'll be right back to show youhow to spark up those cheeks alrighttime to wrap up this look and end uplooking like a perfect holiday gift I'llbe going in with one of my favoritehighlighters everthis is master chrome in 250 and I kindof feel like the mother to this becauseI may have helped me believe pick thisand like advise them in the shadebaby look at that look at thatOh oh my God look at that you can doyour makeup in that reflection for lipsI have a bunch of these super state incrayons and I wanted to do the brightpink might be a little bit too much withan already darker eye so a mixture ofthese two perhaps this is todayexceptional and this right here is leavethe way[Music][Music]and that everybody concludes this newepisode of makeup like this and I wantyou to let me know in the comments downbelow if you're gonna be naughty or niceduring the holiday season don't forgetif you want to be naughty I need someguidance I have a full annatee for theholidays makeup tutorial up on mychannel so don't forget to check thatout don't forget to subscribe to themaybelline channel give this video a bigthumbs up and I hope to see youhopefully on a new season of makeup likethis I will never be far I will alwaysstay close by guys[Music]