everyone my name is Christy and welcometoday 402 of trying a new makeup productevery day today I have this MaybellineNew York lasting drama waterproof gelpencil in the shade 601 sleek onyx andthis is a product that I actually got ina recent Ulta sample bag and it seemslike a really nice black eyeliner so Iwant to go ahead and just see how thiswrites it claims to be very pigmentedand glide on oh my gosh yes it does Ijust lightly touched my hand and it drewso easily and full black shade so thisis looking really good I did see that itcomes in more of a gray tone and atoffee brown shade as well but this onethis onyx shade full black so that'sreally great I'm going to start out bylining my upper lash line since I'm sobad at liquid eyeliners a lot of timesif I want to just do an upper lash lineeyeliner I'll use a pencil like thisbecause they're just easier to apply inmy opinion and oh my gosh with how thisglides on and how pigmented it is thislooks like it's a liquid eyeliner andthen can I even kind of get away justgoing to shape at the edge a little bitto get more of that winged out effect ohmy gosh that was so easy that was wayfaster than I expected it looks so goodHowell is blown away by just a drugstoreeyeliner but I am that was so easy toapply like it looks like I just did areally good liquid eyeliner with abeautiful wing but it was a pencileyeliner that I applied in two secondsso Wow and I love that it's waterproofso then as I'm going to do now when Iapply it to my lower lash line it'sactually going to stay there whereasother eyeliners on me and when I putthem in the water line up my eye willjust disappear within minutesI love how intensely black this is oh mygoshlook at the difference between my eyes Iwant to do a zoomed in view so you cansee how great this really is like itcould not have been faster or easier tocreate this look but the difference thiseye versus this eye this looks likeglamour intense but really so easy toachieve I love that it looks dramaticbut it was not dramatic to create him toapply so I'm very happy about this nowit claims to be smudge proof oh my goshit really is nothing on my finger in myexperience usually pencil eyeliners willsmudge and it's the liquid eyelinersthat will dry down and not smudge butthis one is not fading not smudging butit didn't need to dry down like a liquideyeliner does oh my gosh this is such anamazing formula I don't even know howthey did this but I am so happy about itI'm so happy that I have this this isabsolutely going to be my go-to blackeyeliner whenever I want a blackeyeliner whether it's to do a wing orjust quickly line my lower lash linethis is what I'm going to be reachingfor I do not expect to be so blown awayby this product today but I'd really amlet me know in the comments down belowif you've tried this and if you love itas much as I do but yeah if you haven'ttried this I really think that youshould this is the eyeliner to have forsure wow thank you so much for watchingmy video todaybe sure to LIKE comment and subscribe tomy channel so you can see the makeupthat I try every day and I will see youtomorrow in my next video