hi everyone my name is Jessica um I donot normally I actually I have neverdone this type of video before but Ifelt that it had to be made because Ijust bought this product from Maybellineso it's the Maybelline tattoo liner agel pencil the reason why I had to buythis is because where is itI bought this product almost the samething from L'Oreal Paris so this was theinfallible gel crayon waterproofeyeliner in brown or whatever Brown andI was really excited to use it but Idon't know if you have tried using thisproduct before but there's no way totwist the twist does not work theproduct is just really bad I've only Idon't know if you can see this I don'tknow if you can see that but it's verydull and I've only used it a handful oftimes I thought I've had it for lessthan a month and there's no way tosharpen it I paid $9.99 for this so Iwas very upset so then I said okay I'mgonna buy another one so I went andbought this Maybelline one thinking okayas long as I'm not buying or no Parisit'll be fine rightno when I open this I felt like it wasthe same problem but if you can see hereit's actually a little more because Idiscovered the Maybelline actually makesit possible but it's such a hassle and Imean yes you can sharpen it okaywhatever but there are only so manytimes that you can sharpen it until youyou you don't have any product left tosharpen and so the pointis you want something to be able totwist up or you want to be able to getmore product okay so what I discoveredis if you take the bottom piece offthere's like a little you know space inthere and what I did was I just took abobby pin and there's like some type oflike waxy material inside I'd literallyjust put it in and I pushed and I couldsee that that was giving me a littlemore product so I don't know how wellyou know this fix will work in the longterm or how much product is actually inhere but I just wanted to share this tolet other people know so that you don'tend up throwing this away because it waslike this was also like $9.99 that's alot of money to pay for just what thislittle tip like what is that you knowit's embarrassingso yeahMaybelline should fix their product butif you have already bought this put thison carefully if you've already bought itdon't fear because there is a way to getmore product out it is a hassle butyou're not gonna waste product and why Iwas like so upset about this whole thingis because I had also bought two otherones I got the one in teal and the onein green as well I'm just kind of crazyabout this stuff and yeah so I hope thishelps somebody yeah thanks for watchingI probably will never make another videolike this in my lifebut I hope that helps somebody so have alovely day and also it's almostChristmas so Merry Christmas HappyHolidays