well hey there everyone happy dayanother full-face coming at ya last weekI did a full phase using do our makeupwhich was definitely up here on themakeup price spectrum and today I wantedto dip back into the the drugstore worldfor you get some more affordable bitseven though the drugstore prices aregetting out of hand but going backthrough all of my full face Fridays myfull face brand reviews and things likethat I realized I'd never doneMaybelline which kind of blew my mindbecause there's a lot of products thatare constant in my collection a lot ofpapers that I've had from Maybellineover the years and so today I'm notnecessarily doing like a full facereview but I just wanted to do a fullface look using Maybelline products someare new so I did pick up from thedrugstore and then a few which I'll talkabout have remained in my collection formany years so that's we're gonna bedoing today we're gonna be covering justyou guys my face is eruptingI have zits back here what the frig isthat about is this what happens withlong haired people you get zits on yourneck am i going through puberty am igoing back in time there are so manyquestions I have but anyway we're gonnabe covering these up today let's let'sgo ahead and do that so I'm going to bepriming using the master prime hydratingsmooth primer I don't typically like alot of primers from the drugstore butI'm using this just for the sake of thisvideo the ingredients don't actuallyseem all that terrible there's a lot ofwords that I can actually read on theback here so I have hope I do have hopeit smells fresh and honestly my poreshere on my face are always popping andthought and so you know if they cansmooth that out before foundation thenthat's great it doesn't have too muchlike of a silicone II feel it's actuallyquite creamy feeling which is nicethat's usually a good sign I'm focusingthis mainly on the center of the facewell not mainly I am focusing this onthe center of my face where all of mypesky pores are and where I get my mostdryness which is literally just likethis I have like two lines a circlearound my face where all the actionhappensother than this this I blame on the factthat I didn't wash my brushes for solong so for foundation I'm gonna use thedream radiant liquid hydrating foundah I love it when anything has the wordhydrating in it and I have two shades ofthis classic ivory and nude I think I'mgonna do one little little pump of eachooh it says this leaves 12 hours ofcontinuous hydration improves the lookof skin medium coverage with a radiantfinish perfect as I mentioned in thedealer video whenever a product afoundation is in like a glass bottle ora bottle format I generally just like toapply it with a sponge that's just how Ifeel so I'm gonna press this onto myskin with my finger like it deals andthen I'll blend it up with the spongethe shape match is actually pretty oklike the two of these mix together we'regonna get the close-up mirror here andwatch this in action the primer didn'treally help with my pores they're prettyvisible they're still pretty much thereit didn't smooth it out as much as Iwould have liked for a hydrate andsmoothing primer but there's also noproduct sitting on top of the skin whichis nice there's a lot of primers thatonce you apply a foundation on top of itany movement will kind of like make theproduct ball up and I find that thathappens a lot with drugstore primerswhenever I use them but it is nothappening here so that is a good sign asit is I'm using a sponge to blend thisout which usually kind of like removes alittle layer of a promis'd coverage itgives whatever you're applying a morenatural finish than if you were to applyit with another tool so with the spongeI'm getting a very very like lightcoverage vibe and it also feels moremore satiny matte to me like a naturalfinish I'm not getting a radiant finishI don't feel like I look glowy it Iactually feel like it made me look morematte than before I applied thefoundation so nothing that's a bad thingI think it looks nice it just doesn'treally match the description on thebottle we'll see how this looks by thethe end of our makeup doing let's moveon to concealer concealers are some ofmy favorite products that Maybellinemakes these three all of them werealready existing in my collection I dokeep them and I do use them frequentlyin my life this is the dream brighteningcreamy concealer I have this one in theshade 40 and this one is an amazingproduct for under-eye bags it's quitepeachy so it really helps to offsetwell it's the the bags under there lookat how much more bright and huh alivethat looks it is as it would suggest inits name a very very creamy formula andit's beautiful for a drugstore optionfor dark circles this is a great one Irealized that I actually don't have theM I do forget what it's called but it'sit's like this it's from Maybelline andthen I had the age rewind instant agerewind the one with the sponge on itthat everyone loved and used for years Idon't have that one in my collection Iknow I decluttered it just based on thefact that it has the sponge and I dofeel weird when I have a makeup like aliquid makeup product coming out of asponge and it sits in my collection fortoo long I give it like two years andthen I'm like that guy this needs tothis needs to move on to other lands Ido like this option just for longevityas well it makes me feel a little bitmore clean than applying something froma gross sponge under my eyes you knowwhat I meananyway love that product keep in mycollection always and then forconcealers I have two this is theMaybelline fit me concealer and this oneis the super stay full coverage undereye concealer both of which I've usedmany times on my channel both of which Ido very much enjoy I haven't used fit mein quite a while so I kind of wanted tobring this back out not kind of I am Iam bringing it back out I have this onein the shade 20 I'm gonna use this inthis region around my mouth it is abeautiful concealer and I do like toblend this out as well with a sponge andthen the super stay concealer this onehere even though it does say under-eyeconcealer it's full coverage so I'm justgonna take this and put this on my zitand ignore what the title tells me I'mjust gonna put that where I kind of wanta little bit more coverage here myentire face perfect and then we'll blendthis all out I am feeling very matteright now I'm feeling very matte noradiance whatsoever so I'm not going toapply powder I'm gonna go get rightahead to bronzer and things.youmaybelline city bronzer I have this onein the shade 200 this is also a productthat does exist in my collection and isone that I'm quite a fan of it's abeautiful beautiful bronzer from thedrugstore and I'm just gonna go aheadand use that to contour andbronze up my skin I'm assuming this is arecent launch because Canada especiallywhen it comes to the drugstore typicallygets products a lot later than you knowplaces like America and it would appearas though some sweet Americans and onthe Maybelline Us website there's a facestudio contour stick and I really wantedto try that for this video but I can'tfind it anywhere I can't find it at anyof the drugstoreswhich led me to believe that it was newand it just hadn't made its way toCanada yet but if anyone's tried it I'mso curious to see how you get along withit I love anything creamy and contourand Maybelline has had theirhighlighting sticks for quite some timeand I'm excited to see that they've comeout with cream contour but I really wantto try it it's not available here yet soif anyone's tried it I want to knowabout it is it good do I need it tell meyour thoughtsuntil then we'll stick with the powderside of lifeso for highlight this is a very veryexciting pretty one this is the masterchrome metallic highlighter in the shade100 molten goldooh la la Wow mm that's quite quitecreamy it is it is certainly deep it'sdeeper than I probably should haveapplied right now I'm still in denialthat my tan is completely gone but howbeautiful this week from my skin toneanyway this would be such a gorgeouscolor in this summer that is gorgeousgorgeous for blush this was a productthat I hadn't seen or tried before butthis is the cheek heat sheer gel creamblushes I picked up two shades of theseberry flame and Rose brulee I'm justgonna shoot them on the back this is asquirt of my face did it go on my shirtoh my god mmm I thought I felt I did itsquirt it on my face I just wanted toview these colors before deciding Ithink I'm hedging towards this one it'sthe berry flame ooh okaythey're pretty they're pretty gelatinousfeeling oh I do like that pink squirtmaybe I'll just mix the twoand make a cute little berry shade itdoes appear to have some bits of shimmerin here some shimmery niblets a littleglowy blush action let's try itokayoh wow okay considering how pigmented itlooks on my hand it actually blends outquite sheer like I was about to grab mybrush but maybe we won't need it it kindof said to you because I'm so mad okayyeah I mean I'm gonna use my blush tojust blend that out a little bit is itlooking patchy in the camera I'm feelinglike I'm sensing hatching is here oh Idon't know I've gone so patchy okay oh Idon't like it nope I didn't like it atall oh and it stained my fingers yeahokay I think we blended it out to anacceptable moment but it's pretty no nono no all right so moving on to brows Ijust opened this thing this is thetattoo studio crayon and I was trying tofigure out like where the product waswhere I pumped it up and I didn'trealize that this little finger puppetthing here is the product there's fourtips four grooves and that draws on thehairs which this is gonna be interestingthis is gonna be interesting I'm kind ofexcited to try this I feel like I'mgonna have to be quite precise with thisoh it's like I'm drawing high fives ontoOh on to my eyebrows oh okay okay well Iguess you can use it normally too youcan use it straight cuz that just madesome really weird weird weird lines inthere it kind of feels like I'm justcombing my brows as I apply this it's avery very strange feeling and there's nospoolie shoot oh no it appears to be outof product she's just all out of ammo onthis sidelet's try brushing it away does any comeoff or am I actually tattooed here ohyeah she's she's pretty stuck on goodokay okay that's enough of that here'sthe thing the concept is cool with thisI get it first of all that does not lookblond this looks like a strong ash brownand now I look like I've got some reallyintense for us it's just not my style ofbrows I like to do a very soft featherybroso having like a literal liquid pen formy brows is just not my thing it's notthe look I'm going for and now it'sthere forevernow we're tattooed forever I'm gonna goin with some blonde I mean it I'm gonnatry and kind of rectify this a littlebit with my hourglass blond pencil oh myGod look how much lighter is that orwe're just gonna have to live with someweird brows today that's kind of that'sokay toohow do I look let's try and lightenthese I got the tattoo studio brow geland this is the graph a sculpt gelmascara this one has a very cool I don'tknow what you call this it just lookslike a hairy sponge this this frayedlittle thing here it looks veryinteresting and then this one's like aclassic brow gel looking thing I haveboth of these in the shade soft brownbut this one is lighter and because ofwhat's gone on with our brows today I'mjust gonna go ahead and what is itI need a spoolie you need to set thesein that didn't even like brush the hairsin any particular manner it kind of justlike well rubbed product on and now ohgod oh my god what is it oh my gosh somuch product it's just like smeared andmoist oh I just like quintupled my browoh my okay there is literally nothing tobe done here other than sit in this inthis incredibly bushed brow she's bushylet's just forget that ever happened Iknow it's hard to and these are staringin your eyes well let's move on toMaybelline has had some switching oftheir eye products over over the years Iused to love the Maybelline Color tattooin bad to the bronze that was a staplefor a very long time that does not existany longer which is really quite sadI haven't previously been a fan of theireyeshadow palettes in terms of drugstoreeye shadows they're definitely not thecheapest and there's a lot of othereyeshadows that perform much better likethe wet and wild eyeshadows it can'treally be beat but I did decide to pickup two of these palettes because both ofthem had the new stickers on at thedrugstore this is the nudes of New Yorkand this is the matte bar I really lovethe look of this it's lovely this is abeautiful kind of nude everything Ishadow palette I'm gonna have both ofthese open I'm gonna dip into this onefirst I'm going to start with soloisthere and just press that all over thelid and then I'm gonna go into the shadeof creator here I put that one on to thelower lash line as well I'm using theshade self starter to create a littleliner it's very pigmented it's a reallynice Brown I'm like a happily surprisedbecause previously the Maybellinepalettes like the deeper shades havebeen quite patchy like not too pigmentedso it's nice to see now we're gettingsome pigment here these two shades righthere these shimmer shades look prettymuch exactly the same which I findhilarious but I'm gonna mix originatorand founder together I'm gonna pressthat these are really creamy andpigmented – wow wow I like what I see sofar that was like positively delightfulto use that was lovely I will just watcha couple of the shades in the matte barjust out of curiosity not that swatchingis very telling for how a productperforms try these warmer ones here whoalook at that pigment oh that's very niceto see very nice indeed let's move on tomascara another product that wasexisting in my collection the me blamecolossal mascara this is a lovelymascaraI love the wand the wand is beautifulit's got a nice pointed end to it so youcan get nice and deep into your lashesand it's got a lovely amount of volumewhich is my favorite thingI stop staring at my brows I can't takemyself seriously with these brows I'm sosorry but I'm just gonna apply mascaramoving on to the lipsI'm gonna use this beige babe lip linerI love that it's a twist up the colors alittle bit more pale than I wasexpectingTVH okay and then I was really excitedabout this because if you're like a manymany year long subscriber of mine ifyou've been here since the beginningthis was a throwback I saw this at thedrugstore and I was like put it on justfor memories but nude less than nine theshade 920 nude lust was such a favoritethis was back in my like Mac honey lovedays and I would always be like this isa dupe this is another this is myfavorite drugstore from the newdrugstore from the new brings back allthe memories hmm it's a lot more greatthan I rememberedcertainly but I was really into thatkind of thing back then for sure I thinkit's a little bit great for my likingthese days honestly but that used to besuch an old favorite I did pick upanother shade though this is 3/8 to redfor me and it's a matte and I thoughtthat might be a little bit more fun toput on so let's just say goodbye to nudeless for now that was a fun littlememory moment and lets us apply grabfrom you wow it's so funny this one is amatte nude lust says nothing but thisone feels more creamy than the nudelusted very interesting I'm gonna goahead and grab a lip brush becausewhenever I apply a bold color out of thebullet I can't get my actual lip shaperight I need to rely heavily on a brushso I just apply a bulk amount of productand then blend it out with the brushit's it's quite pink it's quite a pinkbright red this one makes me feel likevery pale which I am but you know allright folks this is the finished lookthis is a full face of Maybelline someof my old favorites and some newproducts that I haven't tried some newproducts that I'm very impressed withand excited about Maybelline this is abig update for you I'm very very pleasedwith what I have used so far and I'mcurious to know what your guys'sfavorite products are from Maybellinewhat things have you used and loved fromthem put it down there in the commentsdown below and if you guys want to seeme do another full face doing aparticular look or using a particularbrand give me all that feedback in thecomments down below you guys if youliked this video give it a big thumbs upsubscribe to my channel if you want tosee more videos from me and as alwaysyou guys thank you so much for watchingthis video and I'll see you all in mynext one[Music]