Piped HENNA Cake | Man About Cake COLLAB with SweetAmbs + Joshua John Russell



All links below! 👇 Stoked to team up with 🍪 cookie decorator SweetAmbs on piped henna designs! Check out Amber’s henna cookie tutorial here 👉https://youtu.be/CV0avbO1bqE

🚨 NEW RECIPE alert! Delicious ginger buttercream recipe here — http://craftsy.me/2uxm9dZ

🌺 EPISODE ROUNDUP: Spice cake recipe, sugar flower cutter, bamboo mold + more from Amber — http://craftsy.me/2tH5Q0O

About this show
Sink your teeth into current cake decorating trends! In the Man About Cake series, you’ll pick up incredible tips for creating modern masterpieces from cake designer Joshua John Russell. Each week, he decorates an original cake, shares his favorite recipes and gives pointers for designing like a pro.

About Joshua John Russell
Cake artist Joshua John Russell knows there’s more to a gorgeous cake than meets the eye — and he’s ready to share his secrets. He may be known for cracking jokes in the kitchen, but he’s serious about showing you how to build beautiful cakes. From towering tiers to delicate details, his smart tips and pulse on cake trends will have you inspired to try out these techniques in your own kitchen!

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