Wayne Goss Brushes | New Face & Eye Sets vs Original



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Videos Referenced

Wayne Goss Brush Video http://bit.ly/1Unor7l

Makeup Brush University http://bit.ly/1V5DmSo

How I clean my Makeup Brushes (not luxury brushes, I’m more gentle) http://bit.ly/1IRnWyb

Tarababyz Channel (African Black Soap & Aloe was her idea
stole) http://bit.ly/1gYb51j

Time Stamps

Where to buy 2:53

Face Brush Set 4:20

#10 5:48

#11 6:21

#12 7:11

#13 7:54

#14 8:23

#15 9:29

Eye Brush Set 10:26

#16 10:29

#17 12:02

#18 13:02

#19 14:14

#20 14:51

Cost Comparison 16:36

How I clean & care for my brushes 20:24

Products Shown/Mentioned:

Wayne Goss Face Set http://bit.ly/2rkMDRy

Wayne Goss Eye Set http://bit.ly/2rkUPBk

#10 http://bit.ly/2s4EVrV

#11 http://bit.ly/2rcWdSc

#12 http://bit.ly/2tfxoWC

#13 http://bit.ly/2rUOFXl



Original #3

Original #4

Original #5

Original #6

Original #7

Original #8

Chikuhodo GSN-7 http://bit.ly/1o0ApY8

African Black Soap http://rstyle.me/n/cpee69b9si7

100% Aloe http://amzn.to/2tfpZXt

Sigma Spa Glove http://bit.ly/2sW0vyX

Brush Guards from Beautyish http://bit.ly/1NZsToP

Brush Guards on Amazon http://amzn.to/2sWoca3

Hakuhodo Brushes https://www.hakuhodousa.com/

Dupe for original 10 B4001BkSL

J5521 http://bit.ly/2sn6uiW
J110 http://bit.ly/2smT8TT
J5543 http://bit.ly/2smX3Ac
J210 http://bit.ly/2smxcs9
G5538 http://bit.ly/2smZnY8
J4004 http://bit.ly/2smxijv

J5522 http://bit.ly/2smT9qT
J142 http://bit.ly/2smXfQ9
J5523 http://bit.ly/2smTFFl
J146 http://bit.ly/2smXI4E
J5529 http://bit.ly/2smM8qa

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